Rent To Buy

Rent to buy explained for buyers and sellers

In Spain, there is sometimes the opportunity to purchase a property as what is known as either a rent to buy, lease option or owner finance deal.


This is where the owner allows you to buy their house and effectively act as bank for a period of time agreed by both parties. This can be advantageous for many reasons:

  • Quick purchase....possible in just days or weeks
  • Low finance costs as often there is little or no interest charged over the period
  • No credit checks
  • Installments can be agreed to both parties satisfaction
  • Delay of closing costs

So what is the process?

There are many ways these deals can be agreed but let's just run through a basic deal

Firstly a price will be agreed and let is assume a deal based on a €100,000 purchase. An initial deposit of €20,000 (20%) is made and the balance is paid over 60 months - five years at a rate of €1,333 per month. Then at the end of this period, both parties go to the notary to sign over the property, with proof of the payments being made and then the purchase taxes are paid, and the buyer then owns the property.

Other options could be a balloon payment at the end of the period to make the balance up. So maybe an initial 20% payment, say 60 months to pay 60% of the cost and then 20% at the end when completion takes place. There are many options, we will assist on the best plans given individual circumstances.

As with any financed purchase, if you stop paying you risk losing the property so you must be sure you can keep up with repayments


Email for a list of current availability or if you would like to market your property in this way and greatly enhance the possibility of a swift deal. Please put RTB in the subject heading when you enquire


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